Street Lighting

We have all aspects of street lighting and traffic sign installation and maintenance covered. We work with clients to give them the peace of mind they need that comes with knowing their street lighting and traffic sign project is in good hands. 

An ‘all-in-one’ solution

Our sector scheme trained workforce brings the industry a comprehensive, reliable and high-quality service that covers:

  • Excavation and trenching
  • Cabling and ICP connections
  • Column erection and removal
  • Lantern installation
  • Lantern maintenance
  • Column surface protection
  • Isolator installation
  • Wiring
  • Feeder pillar installation
  • Around the clock emergency call out service

Excavation and trenching:

Using both man and machine to dig the holes and trenches ready for column erection.

Cabling and ICP connections:

Managing the electricity cable network to keep lighting and traffic sign systems working.

Column erection and removal:

Installing and removing concrete, steel and cast iron columns between 5m and 12m before delivering them for recycling at the client’s preferred site.

Lantern installation:

Our team will install new standard, LED or ornate lanterns onto new columns or onto existing columns as part of a conversion contract.

Lantern maintenance:

We undertake both routine and non-routine maintenance contracts that include bulk clean, lamp change and test. Our non-routine maintenance service involves correcting problems such as day-burning, out of light, cycling and electrical faults.

Column surface protection:

A fast and efficient team cleans and sands columns before painting and treating so that street lights are protected from the elements, meaning they last longer and look better.

Isolator installation:

Controlling the power supply to lanterns so that lighting systems can be continuously and safely maintained with as little disruption for residents and the general public as possible.


Our electricians follow strict industry guidelines to connect and terminate both new and existing lighting and traffic sign systems.

Feeder pillar installation:

Installing feeder pillars so they are ready for connecting by the electricity board, before running and managing the ducting and cabling required for illuminating each column.

Around the clock emergency call out service:

Our specialised and highly trained team can be on-site in minutes to deal with all manner of major and minor incidences, meaning life can continue safely and without danger or disruption whatever the time of day.

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